Lake (2015)

For all of its relative flatness and dearth of natural wonders, the lower half of Michigan does have one thing going for it: the hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline along its Great Lakes. My trips to Lake Michigan began as a teen when my parents drove the fam out to South Haven, and in the proceeding years, I have grown only more fond of the Lake through trips to Charlevoix and the dunes at Nordhouse and Sleeping Bear.

I have unequivocally positive memories about these lake trips, as they represent freedom, adventure, and time well-spent with friends. I have seen many a pretty sunset in my life, but none have come close to Lake Michigan's ethereal sunsets of mid-summer. For a perfect fifteen minute span, the water and sky melt into a singular sea of cotton candy, a perfectly gradient background cast against walls of dunegrass. I dare you to talk shit about it.