Selected Works (2010-2017)

Losing Myself to Find Myself (2017)
"It was a hair past 6 pm and the warm glowing light of the sunset and approaching dusk began to envelop me with every step. Even as my walking evolved into a tentative jog down the rocky trail, the ramifications of my ill-timed ascent had not yet hit me. In reality, I was a snowball in hell."

I Can Barely Communicate Anymore, and That's Okay (2015)
"The irony is that I crave comfort above all else, and yet, a state of constant worry is the most intoxicating and familiar of them all. Anything else feels foreign (and therefore, anxiety-inducing)."

What It's Like to Have a Foot Fetish (2014)
"The way an arch can perfectly epitomize feminine grace; the way a dangled high-heel can fuel a frenzy. There’s nothing quite like running one’s finger slowly down the soft, silky stretch of sexy leggings, knowing the treasures concealed within."

The Elephant in the Room (2014)
"The adults in the room chose to protect the perpetrator. The campus police and Michigan Daily, in their incompetence, stood complicit."

How to Disappear Completely (Lessons from the Antiwar Left) (2012)
As long as Mr. Obama’s Administration continues to eagerly use leaks when politically convenient, without prosecuting their source, it’s difficult to take the President’s obsession with national security as much more than an intimidation tactic, save for the instances of political theatre."

ALBUM REVIEW: The Walkmen Are Back With 'Heaven' (2012)
"Woven between a patchwork of acoustic plucking and frontman Hamilton Leithauser's cocktail bar croon, the signature sound of the Walkmen's spiraling guitars peeks its head from behind the musical thicket, if only for a few seconds."

Interview: Jason Isbell (2011)
"From his days as a member of the Drive-By Truckers to his presently successful endeavor, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, Isbell’s protagonists have embodied a reckless and rueful bunch of characters."

Two-Faced Times (2011)
"Welcome to post-college, the land of diminished expectations. Who knew that upon receiving our diploma, you would be trading in your dignity for enough time to throw regular funerals for your social life (nobody shows up)."

Banned Discussion (2010)
"Before Coleman tries to force any “culture of health” on us, she should address her own culture of conflicting interests."

Dear President Coleman (2010)
"It's obvious that competent adults—many of whom pay to attend this school aren't responsible enough to make their own decisions. Clearly we need the University to make choices for us through coercion, even when they infringe on our individual rights to engage in a perfectly legal activity."