Photo credit: Alec Miller (@driftingstatic)

Photo credit: Alec Miller (@driftingstatic)


Alex Biles is a photographer currently based in Kalamazoo, MI. He obtained his BA from the University of Michigan, where he majored in Political Science.

Following a brief stint in the world of digital journalism, Alex moved to upstate New York, which is where his interest in photography was first sparked. He purchased his first camera in 2013 and began seriously shooting the following year.

The rivers and mountains of the Hudson Valley were among the first subjects he felt drawn to, but since then Alex has developed an equal love for urban and industrial landscapes. In the past two years, he has branched out into portraits as well.

Alex’s work has been featured in art exhibitions around Kalamazoo and he is currently available for portrait sessions and commissions.

Other of Alex’s interests include hiking, exercise, and exploring abandoned buildings. His favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles and preferred Mario Kart character is Wario. He is obsessed with listening to music and enjoys collecting vinyl records.